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Big Brother Party

DJ Hell
Electric Indigo
visomat inc.


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Big Brother Party

Big Brother Party

26.10.1999  21:00  Flex

Presentation Big Brother Awards

Thomas Maurer

about Thomas Maurer

The well known comedian Thomas Maurer will present the winners of the awards. He will name them and he will shame them.

DJ Hell

about DJ Hell

Born 1962 in Bavaria, DJ Hell developed his all consuming passion for music in the late 70s with punk rock. With time and DJing practice his style altered and he became well known for his encyclopaedic knowledge of music and incendiary and always custom buildt sets. Having spun on every continent, Hell s musical production is characterized by a intense, very emotional atmosphere as it moves you hard through the realm of electronic music.

Electric Indigo

about Electric Indigo

Like nearly no other DJ, Electric Indigo constantly represents an intelligent and abstract techno-ideal. She is the DJ-update of the man-machine music-idea: the combination of human funkyness and a non-stop running 808. Electric Indigo kicked dancefloors in 25 countries and 113 cities in europe and north-america, she has worked as a radio-dj, music-producer and recordshop-manager.

visomat inc.

about visomat inc.

Berlin home-based visomat inc. have been developing sound triggered visualization programs for years. DJ sets are directly converted into digital and abstract images, live mixed with preproduced video material. No 3D- high tech aesthetic to be expected from these VJs.... their show corresponds with the music's minimalistic character.

Random Noise Generation

about random noise

Random Noise Generation is the sample twisting alter ego of Detroit's Burden Brother Lenny, also known from 430 West/Direct Beat Records and other projects like Octave One. The sound of R.N.G. moves between straight up clubhouse tracks to deep hard techno, Random Noise Generation breaks down the bounders that we don't need, and leaves what we do, the funk.
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