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Big Brother Awards Austria    Austria 1999

In the age of global communication guarding privacy becomes one of the most substantial democratic challenges. The technical possibilities of collecting and analysing electronic information - from datamining to data dragnet - entice more and more organizations and institutions to abuse.

Introduced in Great Britain [1998] and followed by the USA [1999] for the first time Big Brother Awards will be assigned also to humans and institutions in Austria who rendered great services to monitoring and invasion of privacy.

Nominate your candidates with a short reason why these earn an honor.

On October 26 the Big Brother Party will take place in Vienna. In the course of the event we'll pay tribute to the winners.

Presentation Thomas Maurer.

Music by Random Noise Generation [Detroit], DJ Hell [Munich] and Electric Indigo [Vienna], visuals by [Berlin].

FLEX at the Donaukanal, 26 October 21:00, free entrance.

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